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Yesterday Southern Oregon Project Hope Foot Soldiers spent all day and most of the night in the field.  Rick Stewart and Laura Schier spent all day hiking hidden trails and locating homeless camps and recording their locations for “check-back’s”.  We always respect these camps, as they are someone’s home, so we do not – in any way – disturb them, whether they look occupied or vacant.  We do, however, record their location and condition so that we many check back at a later date.  Five camps were found yesterday, and checked on last night.  After the days hike, we set out on our evening “rounds” – people whom we know are homeless and who we feed, visit with, and clothe on a regular basis.  These people have become our friends, and we share conversation, laughs and mutual respect.

On a more somber note, we checked beneath the North Bend Bridge, where, not long ago, a homeless man was found dead.  It was literally heart wrenching to all of us – myself, Laura Schier, Rick Stewart, Courtney Silva and Brandon McElwain.  We spent more time beneath the bridge than usual, hoping we could find other, but to no avail.  We will keep checking back though!

A thought that was in all of our heads as we climbed back up from beneath the bridge to the road was “if only we had gotten there sooner”…”if only we could have helped that man”.  But we do know that we will be out in force each and every night so that this does not happen in our community again!  While others will ask for your donations of blankets and sleeping bags and clothes and food for the “eventual” opening of a warm facility, we ask for those things to help people now.  The future is unsure in so many ways for so many people.  And going on a hope that we can one day have such a facility for those without homes would be, to us, irresponsible.  These people need help now!  And that is why Southern Oregon Project Hope exists.  In uncertain times, we cannot bank on a future.  We have to  make changes now in order to ensure that no one else dies because they are not protected from the elements.  Some nights we may be cold and tired, but the temporary discomfort we may feel in nothing compared to what our homeless community feels!

So please remember Southern Oregon Project Hope, and what we stand for, if you have unwanted clothing, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, tarps, blankets, food, etc.  Or please consider hitting the “DONATE to SOPH” link at the top of the page!  Every single penny donated goes straight to the homeless!

Happy Holidays to All!


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This was published on the front page of The World Newspaper.
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Clothed In Compassion

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All of what we go at Southern Oregon Project Hope is with the help and physical donations of clothes, blankets, sleeping backs, coats, socks, etc., from our wonderful community.  Without them, we could not do what we do.  But we also need cash donations to keep our vehicles gassed and ready to go on a moments notice if a homeless individual needs help, as well as to do our daily and nightly searches.  We also hope to soon be able to afford a van so that we can cut down to one vehicle to save on the gas costs.

Please consider donating to Southern Oregon Project Hope.  Anything Helps!

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Southern Oregon Project Hope was developed by Coos Bay, Oregon’s resident paranormal research team, PSI of Oregon.  PSI of Oregon’s team members come from all walks of life – State Workers, Homemakers, Caregivers, Construction Workers, Retail Management, Chefs and Dining Services Management, Customer Service, Nurses and even members with disabilities.  Many of the PSI of Oregon team have known, at some point or another during their lives, what it feels like to be cold, hungry, and unsure of the future.  It is for all of those reasons that Southern Oregon Project Hope was developed.  Without a current or accurate count of exactly how many people in our community are homeless, and going on the suggested 500% increase in homeless children alone, PSI of Oregon decided it was time to stand up and take a stand on this epidemic.

The Southern Oregon Project Hope team, aka Foot Soldiers, take donations in their store at 530 N Broadway in Coos Bay, Oregon – either by drop-off’s or items mailed to them.  Southern Oregon Project Hope is also willing to pick up any items such as blankets, clothing for men, women and children, coats, sleeping bags, easy-to-open foods, bottled water, personal hygiene items, etc.,anywhere in the Coos Bay/North Bend and outlying areas; Simply give them a call at 541-294-6442.

Please help Southern Oregon Project Hope give hope to those who may have lost hope.  Don’t throw away those old blankets and sleeping bags, warm clothing, boxes of bandaids, etc., or if you are the Dollar Store, pick up a few toothbrushes, toothpastes and deodorants or inexpensive food items.  While it may be inexpensive, it can make some people feel very wealthy.

Or please feel free to hit the DONATE button in the DONATE to Southern Oregon Project Hope Category and donate a few extra dollars.  Those few extra dollars can go a very long way!